Customs & International Trade

Businesses dealing with global trade need to ensure compliance with the local laws and regulations associated with cross-border trade. They must carefully navigate when dealing with customs and Border Control Authority, while complying with the trade policy measures adopted by the Government for export and import of goods & services.

Our dedicated team of experts are seasoned professionals, who understand the global trade strategies, import/ export controls as well as compliance, to provide assistance on structuring global transactions to companies to strengthen their global supply chain and unleash their business potential.

We provide the following solutions for cross-border trade in goods & services:

  • Overall Supply Chain Management
  • Post clearance customs audit
  • Awareness, advisory and assistance on anti-dumping duty proceedings
  • Strategic advice and representations on safeguard duty proceedings
  • Advice and assistance in obtaining Advance Rulings from customs authority
  • Advising on the implementation process for Free/Preferential Trade Agreements
  • Customs Valuation: Imports from Related Parties (SVB Valuation)
  • Advisory on special procedures for food & other items
  • Assistance in obtaining benefits as Preferred Trade Partner/ Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)